With a test run you can test how easy the packaging is to use on your own production line.


Test run, or 0-series

After making a prototype, we can go one step further by producing a test mould. This can be used to produce anything from a couple of thousand to tens of thousands of trays or blister packs. These products will be highly representative of the product that will come out of the final production mould. You can use these samples to test existing filling and sealing lines or as an initial pre-production run. At this point in the process we can still make minor changes or improvements. It’s only when the 0-series gets your stamp of approval that you move on to serial production.

Test run on KMD85 or Gabler M92XL

Our sister company dexter MT has two full-scale production lines for strip steel tools and tilting tools complete with preheating, stacking and milling stations. So we can efficiently produce a 0-series or test run of your product in any material you require (PP, PET, PS etc.). You supply the film and we supply several pallets of products. Any remaining film is ground up and packed in big bags. We produce our test runs on a Kiefel KMD 85 BFS or a Gabler M92XL.

With our in-house bespoke adaptors we are able to attach all strip steel tools for brands like Kiefel, Illig, Gabler, TFT and GN to our KMD 85. The entire Illig K range, the Kiefel KTR 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the Gabler M-line can be mounted on our Gabler M92XL. And you’re welcome to attend yourself if you wish.